Friday, August 24, 2007

Nippyfish Introduces BarePaws; A New Blog!

cat TV, originally uploaded by peggy..

Dear Nippyfish readers,

Just a quick announcement. In addition to Nippyfish: A Betta Blog I have started a second blog dedicated to natural and holistic pet care called, BarePaws. I know a lot of you have dogs, cats, birds and other fury and scaly creatures at home so feel free to check it out and enjoy.

Regular postings on Nippyfish: A Betta Blog will continue but won't be as frequent as they were over the past couple of years. Many of you may have noticed that post frequency has fallen to about once a week or so over the last couple of months and that's about where it will stay for awhile at least.

As always feel free to write to me with your Fighting Fish questions at betta[at]

Thanks for all your support and I hope you will enjoy the BarePaws in addition to Nippyfish: A Betta Blog and

Respectfully yours,